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Here on Multiplayersexgames.com, you are going to find a compendium of all important multi-player sex games. Our team conducts an extensive quality review of all the relevant erotic multiplayer games – this helps you to find out which games actually exist, what to think of the respective game and which might be the best choice for you.

Definition:  In principle, multi-player sex games are nothing but online versions of erotic multi-player sex games that you can play with other male and/or female players. This relates to an entirely new way of playing out your most intimate sexual desires as innovative technologies open up new interactive possibilities – e.g. many games offer the chance to make contact with the avatars of other players in virtually animated 3D-worlds and to have interactive real-time cyber sex with them. In doing so, you may employ innovative input devices such as Vstroker & Fleshlight with the help of which virtual cyber sex will become more realistic and true-to-life than ever before.  Even interactive life cams will most certainly play a more and more important role in the multi-player sex-games-to-be.

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Red Light Center


Hot Multiplayer 3D Sex Action in Amsterdam´s virtual Red Light District

Red Light Center enables you to enter a virtual 3D world where you can experience interactive Cybersex with REAL persons! But Red Light Center is much more than just another 3D multiplayer sex game, it´s a giant social network and the biggest community for adults only worldwide. By the way, Red Light Center has been the very first online multiplayer sex game at all! There is no doubt this is one of the best-known games in this genre. This “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game“ (MMORPG) has been already launched in May 2006, and in March 2008 there were already more than 1,5 million users! This game has been developed by Utherverse – a company specialized in virtual 3D worlds and Web 2.0 technologies.

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Achat (sometimes also called A Chat) is an online multiplayer sex game as well as a platform which allows you to chat and to have interactive cybersex with real persons. According to the developer´s statement, AChat is one of the world´s biggest online fuck communities! The game has cool 3D graphics and fluid animations, and there are about 50 sex positions and more than 300 sex variants possible. You can even have virtual group sex with real person´s avatars. Thanks to the game´s chat and dating features you will easily find sex-hungry partners from all over the world. Simply contact them and invite them to horny cybersex-sessions. Play AChat and live out your sexual fantasies in a safe and secure virtual en

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Sociolotron is an online role-playing game for adults only (21 years and above). What´s so special about this game is that it is 100% politically incorrect. In the world of Sociolotron all social standards you know are completely annulled. This game does not only include the usual “monster-bashing”, but above all, social interaction and other elements which allow you to blackmail or even to eliminate other players. It is your objective to have success and to climb up the social ladder. In this game even virtual cybersex is possible (but not as sophisticated and realistic as in other multiplayer 3D sex games like “Chathouse 3D” or “3DXChat”). In other words, Sociolotron enables you to let your darkest fantasies come true. This game, which has been launched 2002, has got same elements of “Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Games“ (MMOVSG), but it is different than any other games in this genre. In the world of Sociolotron there is no censorship, and ethical and moral boundaries do not exist. You can even be forced into virtual drug consumption or prostitution. You can become a victim of discrimination (for example, due to racist, sexual or religious motives), be put behind bars or even be killed. To make things short, in the universe of Sociolotron there are completely different social standards than in the real world.

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Teledildonics are innovative, engine-driven sex toys which can be telecommanded in real-time directly from a computer.  In principle, these special appliances are akin to conventional sex toys with the difference that they can be controlled from the outside and that digital input can be translated into physical sensations.  This means for example that spatially separated couples can have remote interactive cyber sex by controlling the Teledildonic sex toy of the respective partner.  Furthermore, many Teledildonics can be synchronised with porn films specially produced for this purpose. The term “Teledildonics” has already been introduced in 1975 by the computer pioneer Ted Nelson.  He applied the term to sex toys which could be tele-controlled from the outside also including overalls, headdresses and gloves able to convert external signals into physical sensations and to control other Teledildonics. Nowadays, many experts assume that Teledildonics will be of great significance for the future development of virtual cyber sex.

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The term “Cybersex” derived from the English language initially emerged in the early 1990s.  It includes different kinds of virtual erotics and pornography which could be practised interactively with the help of computers or via the internet.

The spectrum of actions falling under the term “Cybersex” is, however, enormous: while the term has originally only been applied to the initiation of sexual contacts via email or online dating, the constantly increasing dissemination of the internet allowed the development of special chat rooms in which users exchanged their erotic fantasies and in which they had the chance to verbally stimulated each other.  But with the emergence of the first erotic MMRPGs (“Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games”), the evolution of cyber sex reached a completely new level: in games such as “Red Light Center” (released in 2006) the users can assume the role of virtual avatars able to freely circulate in virtual 3-D-worlds.At that, they have the option to interact with avatars controlled by other users and even play out interactive virtual sex (i.e. cyber sex) with them. While the control of the avatars has originally been performed with mouse and keypad, the trend lately suggests that the avatars will be controlled via specially produced interactive sex toys – for example phoney pussies for men (Fleshlight and Vstroker) or controllable vibrators and sex machines for women.

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